Play with sharks in Japan

At is Chiba pref

Japan has an interesting sea where you can play with sharks.

Are you a diver?

If you are a diver, there is a diving point you want to dive by all means.

The place is located in Chiba prefecture, next to Tokyo.

A place called Ito on the Pacific side of Chiba Prefecture.

The diving point arrives from the port in about 4 minutes by boat.

Even if there is a flow, there is a descent rope, so descent and ascent can be done safely.

The depth is 22-26m.

Lots of sharks and rays

A lot of sharks and rays are waiting for divers when they reach the bottom.

A basket is suspended 3m from the bottom of the water.

In fact, the basket contains fish from a fisherman.

Sharks, rays and other fish come together due to the smell of this fish.

It is amazing when a diver feeds a basket.

Sharks and rays approach the smell.

Dozens of them gather for food in their hands.

Feeding will reduce the smell, so the sharks and rays will move away.

But it’s hard to hide it without feeding it.

I get excited and bite my head, hands and feet.

If you don’t feed it, give it up and release it immediately.

Banded houndshark

The shark here is a kind called Banded houndshark.

Banded houndshark’s teeth are small and slightly painful when bitten.

It is okay if you wear a dive suit and gloves.

For divers, Banded houndshark is a harmless and scary shark.

Banded houndshark is a quiet shark.

If you don’t have food, you won’t be interested in divers.

The sea where divers can play safely with sharks is rare in the world.

Play with rays

The rays have to be careful of the poisonous spines in the tail.

But the belly is perfectly fine.

Some rays get used to divers and snuggle up to people.

Let’s actually look at sharks

Diving scene with shark

Actual video

There are also scenes where regulators are pulled. (4 minutes and 14 seconds after the start)

At the safety stop at a depth of 5m, many horse mackerels gather in search of food.

This Ido diving service BOMMIE is safe because some guides can speak English.

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I want you to dive.